A candidate marketing chatbot for employers

Deliver job content and compelling stories

Employers have entered the chatbot era and candidates are ready for it

Empower candidates to review opportunities and decide on their own terms.  Spend more time fostering relationships.

Drives candidate traffic to your chatbot through email campaigns,  social media, text messages, or landing pages.

Recruiters save hours daily and eliminate repeat dialogue in calls while spending high valued time with engaged, pre-informed candidates.  

Candidates can...

Research the company, location, benefits, department, job details

Gain an understanding on

the depth and scale of the company

Upload resume


Schedule appointment and send messages to a recruiting contact

Prepare for an interview

Employers can...

Drive candidate traffic to chatbot link from all inbound/outbound recruiting channels

Share compelling job content, videos, and links to entice candidate to apply. 

Autogenerate submission-ready templates with candidate data after they apply

Track chatbot engagement analytics

Teach the chatbot to expand its knowledge base for candidates.

Recruiters can...

Hire faster

Increase applicant flow

Reduce recruiting cost

Increase quality of hire

attract candidates with a new way to interact

Make the hiring process more fun and engage

Bao Le @ Genius Sports - HR, Talent Acquistion Executive

"It's pretty fascinating when a new innovation works so well that you observe a significant boost in a short time.  Veruca's talent chatbot was exciting to implement and I love the feedback I'm getting on candidate engagement.  Looking forward to watching the product evolve!"

Create a multi-channel, candidate engagement strategy.  

A new way to introduce opportunities to candidates.