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Talent Sourcing Dashboard 1 of 3: Set Up Video

Please enjoy the video blog 1 of 3 in a series about Talent Sourcing…setting up your sourcing dashboard!

1. Sourcing Dashboard Set Up

2. Configuring and Managing – Next Up

3. Reporting and Relationships – Last



If you have two extra minutes, I’d really appreciate it if you were able to complete this specialization survey about the specialized work that you do every day, in your day. We are getting close to launching our first official pilot program inside the Recruiting Innovators Slack Community for an upcoming product called

This will help us create the right categories of work which will allow us to introduce more work assignments for you. If you know someone who you respect in our industry, please share this email with them. Please please please help us. 🙂

Survey Link:


James Chmielinski is a second generation recruiting veteran, former baseball player, and founder of, the first ever recruiting innovations lab. His company is built from two generations of sales and recruiting experience resting on the backbone of post-millennial technology.  

Last year, Find (Mr. Chmielinski’s inaugural software) attracted 178 active users in 114 cities from 17 countries.

This year, James created largest recruiting community on slack called “Recruiting Innovators”, a hub-spot for recruiting jobs, networking, news, and best practices. 

His latest project, (Sign up for upcoming pilot), is scheduled for a pilot program release within the quarter. Sign up for the pilot by emailing

James aims to make life easier for sourcing and recruiting teams and hopes to achieve this by developing an innovation lab where teams convert the best ideas into products.


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